Lakeland Pack Pony Holidays

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Lakeland Pack Pony Holidays

Ben and Duchess heading off for Scarhead, Torver.

 Lakeland Pack Ponies

 provide walking holidays with a difference. 


Rather than having to carry all your luggage and food on your back, you will get to enjoy the Lakeland Bridleways and Green Roads with  a friendly Lakeland Pack Pony to carry your load.

Duchess in her new harnessMost of Lakelands footpaths, bridle paths and other trails originated as Pack Pony routes of the 12th and 13th Century. Strings of pack ponies, up to 20,  walking nose to tail carrying heavy loads would have been a regular sight in Lakeland of old.  These wonderful tracks are still here waiting to be explored.


  At Lakeland Pack Ponies we offer you the opportunity to retrace these ancient routes with a pack pony of your own. Walking in the footsteps of the old pack pony men and drovers of yester year. 

These holidays are superb for families.  Children just love walking with a Pony to keep them company, they completely forget that they are "going for a walk" and can walk for a long time - and enjoy it! Making a new four legged friend along the way.

We offer 1 day, 2  and 3 day treks.  Some of our treks are guided, some self guided.  The 2 and 3 day treks involve camping out where as the 1 day treks are based on a circular trek, with picnic, starting and finishing at our farm.


 Bring your own Horse or pony on Holiday

If you have your own horses or ponies and would prefer to bring them on holiday and ride the routes then we can accommodate this type of holiday too. We can provide stables and grazing, accommodation for horses and riders along with routs plans.


We provide your breakfast and lunch hampers and erect and dismantle your bell tent, moving it on each day. 
Most campsites are within walking distance of a traditional Lakeland Inn offering fine food and drinks. 


Meanwhile, if you want to book with us email

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This project is part financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas


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